Tobe-Shoji can handle your needs related to recycling and reuse.

Tobe-Shoji Co., Ltd.

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President Message

Working with the community to achieve
a sustainable recycling society one step at a time.

Tobe-Shoji's roots go all the way back to 1893. Our company's founder, Hatsugoro Tobe, noticed that the demand for bottles was increasing due to the start of sales of domestic beer, and he started our company as a bottle seller that recovered, washed, and resold used bottles.

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About Us02

Business Philosophy

Total environmental company
Tobe-Shoji's business policy

What does it take to truly satisfy customers? What should be done to further contribute to society and the community? As a total environmental company, Tobe-Shoji is taking steps to create a bright future for people and the environment.

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The recycling field is a treasure trove.
We are exploring undeveloped industries to enrich the world.