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Handling of Personal Information

Tobe-Shoji (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is aware of the importance of protecting personal information, and with regard to the collection, use, and management of personal information, we comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of May 30, 2003) and related laws and guidelines, and endeavor to handle personal information appropriately as follows.

[Acquisition of Personal Information]

Our company shall clearly state the purpose for which personal information is obtained, and shall obtain personal information within the scope necessary for business purposes by lawful and fair means.

Personal information will be obtained to the extent necessary to achieve the stated purpose.

[Purpose of Use of Personal Information.]

Our company will use the personal information obtained to the extent necessary to perform our company's business and to provide services incidental or related thereto. It is not used for any other purpose.

The above changes in the Purpose of Use shall be made only to the extent that it is reasonably considered to be reasonably related, and in the case of any changes, the details of such changes shall, in principle, be notified to the individual concerned in writing or publicly announced on the website ( etc.

[Matters concerning the provision of personal information to third parties.]

Our company will not provide any personal information to any third party without your prior consent. However, it may be provided to a third party in the following cases:.

  1. In cases under laws and regulations.
  2. Cases in which the provision of personal information is necessary for the protection of the life, body or property of an individual and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  3. Cases in which the provision of personal information is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound upbringing of children and in which it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person
  4. Cases in which it is necessary to cooperate with national agencies, local governments or a person entrusted by national agencies or local governments in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and in which obtaining the consent of the person is likely to impede the execution of said affairs

[Security control measures for personal information]

Our company will take sufficient security measures to prevent the leakage, loss, or damage of the personal information it handles and other measures to ensure the security of the personal information. It will also take necessary and appropriate measures to ensure the accuracy and freshness of the personal information. Should a problem occur, the company will promptly take appropriate corrective measures.

Established: April 1, 2019.

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