Support business

Job-site contract business

Support for waste-treatment sites
provided by resource professionals

We run the waste-treatment facilities of local governments
and also manage and process garbage from major retail stores,
shopping malls, compound buildings, etc.
Based on data and know-how accumulated over the course of many years,
Tobe-Shoji provides dedicated support to help achieve garbage recycling
that is more efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Key points related to our
job-site contract business

Employees active in
various local governments.

Tobe-Shoji currently handles the running of waste-treatment facilities in Shinjuku Ward and Itabashi Ward (in Tokyo) as well as Kawaguchi, Saitama Prefecture. 20 to 30 employees, including a site manager, are assigned to each facility, and they handle resource sorting, contaminant removal, and other work.

Proposal of optimal plans
based on thorough interviews.

Before we manage and process the garbage of retail stores or shopping malls, we conduct a thorough advance interview. Depending on the store location and the amount and type of generated garbage, we then propose an optimal plan to the customer.

Intermediate recycling
treatment business

Thorough utilization of resources
via two recycling methods

Tobe-Shoji's intermediate recycling treatment business involves
the careful sorting of recovered waste plastics, metals, and other materials.
We use two recycling methods: material recycling,
during which waste is converted to recycled materials, and thermal recycling,
during which waste is used as fuel.
We strive to effectively utilize resources by reducing resource waste as much as possible.

Key points related to our
intermediate recycling treatment business

Meticulous sorting by hand.

Experienced workers handle sorting. Materials are divided by type and checked for dirt. In the case of complex waste to which metals, etc. are attached, each material is separated into parts by hand.

Handling various waste resources by
using comprehensive facilities.

We have installed melting machines, crushing machines, compressors, and other equipment to convert various types of waste to recycled materials. This makes it possible to recycle most recovered waste.

Eliminating noise and dust in consideration
of the surrounding environment.

We are extremely careful regarding the surrounding environment, and we have installed sound-proof walls and shutters at our recycling facilities to prevent noise and odor from leaking outside. We have also installed mist sprayers in our building to reduce dust as much as possible.